Our Services

At Koehler Pest Solutions we use only state-of-the-art technology in our Pest Control and Lawn Care Treatment services which is why our product of choice is Lesco.  All the services we offer are designed to be kid safe, pet safe and environmentally friendly in order to keep you and your family safe while at the same time keeping your property looking great.  A complete listing of the Services we provide is as follows:

Pest Control
Koehler Pest Solutions offers monthly, quarterly and yearly pest control programs designed to fit whatever works best for you.  We treat inside and outside of the home to ensure that your entire property is SAFE from all insects, bugs and any creepy crawly things that you don’t want in your home.

Lawn Care
Koehler Pest Solutions will treat your lawn to ensure you have the healthiest lawn possible.  Lawn Treatment Service includes both granular and liquid fertilizer, control and prevention of ALL lawn damaging insects, control and prevention of both broadleaf and sedge weeds (there are over 300 different types of weeds) and includes treatment of any fungus or disease at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Shrub Care
Koehler Pest Solutions will hand fertilize all shrubs with a granular product and all shrubs will be sprayed for color, growth, disease and insect activity.

Palm Tree Care
Koehler Pest Solutions will place granular fertilizer at the base of all Palm Trees and a nutritional crown drench will be done for all Palm Trees 15 feet or less to help with the fertilization and growth.

Mosquito Reduction Program (performed March Thru October)
Koehler Pest Solutions will perform a monthly treatment of your property.  Included in the mosquito treatment is an application to all mosquito harborage areas and removal of all breeding sites.  Larvacide will also be placed in any standing water that is unable to be removed.

Fire Ant Elimination
Koehler Pest Solutions offers a Once-A-Year Fire Ant Treatment that will GUARANTEE no Fire Ants on your property.  If Fire Ants come back so does Kohler Pest Solutions at no charge to you!

Other Services:
Bed Bugs
Rodent Control and Exclusions
Flea and Tick
Tree Injections
Irrigation Maintenance and Repair